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What are the main hormones you should consider for fat loss

Posted on January 6, 2017 at 3:15 AM
Cortisol Known as a stress hormone and produced by our adrenal glands, which is increased by lack of sleep, over exercising/constantly exercising for long periods. There are more cortisol receptors in your stomach therefore it is a place that will hold body fat if your levels are high. Cortisol weakens your immune system, contributes to infertility, increases blood pressure and reduces bone formation (contributing to osteoporosis) Cortisol are always present in our bodies but it is the sustained high levels that are dangerous and damaging. Some ways that you can reduce your cortisol levels are: - Supplementing with magnesium and omega 3 -Relaxing more often (passive leisure: cinema, listening to music etc.) -Massage therapy -Enjoying yourself (laughter and humour) -Sleeping for 7-9 hours of unbroken time -Reduce the use of electrical equipment in particular computers and mobile phone -Being well organised -Kinesiology sessions to help balance out your systems or hormone levels Insulin Produced in the pancreas and is responsible for controlling and releasing sugar in our liver, muscle and fat cells. When we eat carbohydrates (starch carbs) the sugar content is absorbed into our blood stream and elevates our blood sugar levels. Sustained high levels of insulin cause us to become insulin resistant. This means our bodies become less sensitive to insulin, our immune systems are low, and we become pre-diabetic and our body fat increases. The opposite of this is insulin sensitive. Ways to reduce your insulin level: -Eating good fats such as meat -Supplement with omega 3 -Eating fish (high in omega 3) -Reduce starch carbohydrates -Eat low glycemic responding carbohydrates such as green vegetables -Improve your fibre intake from green vegetables -Reduce fructose intake (fruits) -Reduce alcohol intake (sugar) -Increase your antioxidant levels (Green tea is a good source) -Exercise regularly for short periods (Also reduces prolonged cortisol build up) -Increasing your muscle size allows for more insulin to be used. Muscle acts as storage pods for insulin. Having more storage available will improve your insulin sensitivity. Having low muscle mass would not be considered effective for fat loss. Consider your muscles as car parking bays. The sugars are the cars. When the car parks are full there is nowhere else to park. The sugar now has to find somewhere else to park (store as fat). By exercising using weight training and more conditioning based exercise you are creating more parking spaces (because the muscles are getting bigger) so you will be able to tolerate more sugar

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