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What is kinesiology

Posted on February 6, 2017 at 3:25 AM
You have all heard me talk about it at some point, or know that I am doing my second level course in it at the moment (hence all the cancelled classes) and some of you have even tried it but I thought it might be useful reading about it from a point of view of someone who had a session with me. I treated Amy (who is owner of Empowered Fitness where I have my PT sessions) a couple of weeks ago and this is what she send out to her clients about what she found out from having kinesiology on her. "I took some time last week with my friend and Kinesiology practitioner Sarah Langford to find out how I really am. Sarah invited me for a Kinesiology session with her and for those who haven't heard of this before, Kinesiology uses muscle testing techniques to gain an insight into the areas of stress and imbalance within the energy systems of your body. Imbalance in energy systems can lead to discomfort, illness, fatigue or an even an inability to lose weight. I was feeling a little tired and run down the day, but thought nothing of it. During my insightful session with Sarah I discovered I was feeling tired because my adrenals were under stress, and the feeling of stress was making me eat more, which was sending my blood sugars out of whack. I also asked Sarah about some bloating and gas I was experiencing and she was able to identify the foods that were causing it. It was a totally fascinating session and the methods she used literally blew me away! I left with some really tailored advice to certain foods which needed removing from my diet for a period of 4 weeks, some supplementation to reduce my stress and fatigue, and the best thing of all is the accountability which it provided me with, as I know Sarah will be checking up on me when I see her. If you're interested in finding more about kinesiology I would highly recommend having a chat with Sarah. She's currently doing a special reduced rate of £25 per session." Get in contact if you want to try it out and see how I can help your body build a better you!

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