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Sarahs Pregnancy Diaries 1

Posted on June 7, 2017 at 6:00 AM
Sarah�??s Pregnancy diaries Well many of you know now I am pregnant and I am 16 weeks. A few things I�??ve learnt being pregnant. -Thali Café is the best curry place (Curry helped me through my very tough morning sickness) - Asda�??s wotsits are better than the real wotsits I feel (I�??ve had a lot of different wotsits as cheese and crisps are what my baby wants) - I no longer crave sweet food but savoury (now that�??s a biggie as I LOVED my sweet food) - Galaxy Chocolate is the only chocolate I can eat, others taste too bitter AND a bar of galaxy can live in our cupboard for weeks compared to normally lasting 4 hours. - I have tried all sorts of food and NOTHING helps the feeling of sickness - I can�??t do any stomach exercises like I used to as there is now a bump there!!!!! - My chest area (trying to be discreet here for the guys who read this) was very painful but now is ok but now is MASSIVE, which I don�??t like as makes me feel MASSIVE. - Being pregnant means you can get away with anything with the other half, hehehe. So yes I am still feel pretty horrible and yes I know it will ease up and yes I am better than others who were actually sick but because I was eating healthy, felt strong, felt energetic and really good it�??s a massive shock to the system when it all changes and there is nothing you can do but ride it out. Hope you enjoyed the pregnancy diaries.

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