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Sarahs Pregnancy Diaries 2

Posted on July 7, 2017 at 6:00 AM
Sarahs Pregnancy diaries Well what a month it has been. My morning sickness has now gone yay! But I am suffering with headaches (I think due to all the hormonal imbalances that is occurring in my body) but I take these headaches any day over my sickness. We also found out Tuesday that we are having a girl and I am now starting to feel big in the bump and her moving around, so a lot has happened for me in June. In my diaries I thought I would touch on a few things I have learnt being pregnant that I know not to say or do to other pregnant people: 1. Not stare or touch the bump. As soon as people know I am pregnant they automatically look down at my bump or go to touch it. What is the deal with touching a pregnant ladies stomach? I never got this at all! 2. Yes you may of thought I was pregnant but really do you have to say this, �??oh I thought you were because your face looks a bit bigger�?� or this is a good one �??I thought that because I noticed your hips getting bigger�?� Yeah I know you want to sound like you were right but then to confirm with it a throw away comment can be pretty horrible when a pregnant lady is going through a massive a change or just feeling not well. I found it funny and Michael would always ask what else did people say then. lol 3. Be careful what you say to a pregnant lady. One of my clients who I know read this (I wonder if they will email me back after reading this) and we have a good sense of fun together so I know won�??t mind me writing this said �??you look blooming Sarah�?�. Hahaha I was like first things never say blooming to a pregnant lady especially one taking a class and could throw in burpees and horrible exercises and the word you were probably after was glowing. It did make me laugh and I knew what they meant. So yes I am learning a lot about how my body is coping with the change and how my other pregnant ladies got on in general and with exercise. I hope you find these little diaries funny.

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