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Sarahs Pregnancy Diaries 3

Posted on August 7, 2017 at 6:00 AM
Sarahs Pregnancy Diaries: I am now 24 weeks, so 6 months! Wow 6 months being pregnant seems like a long time when you think about it but in a way it doesn�??t. I am still managing to do everything as normal, and everyone tells me I am in the �??nice�?? stage of pregnancy as I am not feeling ill or I am not too big. I have been podded, touched and wooed over the most I can ever be, well my stomach has. I do still find it very strange that a bump can have this much effort over people but hay ho! So since I have been pregnant I have noticed there are no good sports bras that can actually stop your boobs from moving around when doing high impact exercise as pregnant ladies can�??t wear underwire bras and all my high impact really good sports bras are. So shock horror yes I have been wearing them but only for like an hour a day whilst doing my jumping around classes. All the non-wire bras are absolutely ugly as sin, so maybe I should look into creating my own brand of non-wired sports bras that are for women who still train very highly during their pregnancy. I still laugh now when I remember going in for a bra fitting when I was 12 weeks pregnant and the shop assistant was like �??oh we don�??t get pregnant ladies looking for high impact sports bra, as soon as they know they are pregnant they just get the normal bras�?�. Oh also, I have started craving anything as some has asked but I�??ve heard that happens again in the later part of the pregnancy. Overall everything is running smoothly I think and I will be starting my hypnobirthing course in a few weeks�?? time which I am really looking forward too.

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