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Sarahs Pregnancy Diaries 4

Posted on September 7, 2017 at 6:00 AM
Pregnancy Diaries I am 28 weeks pregnant and now I feel pregnant! So what have I notice the past month? -I am so indecisive in food. I can't prepare anything as if I did prepare a meal in the morning for my evening meal I bet when it comes to it I'll be like nope don't fancy it. So I got to see what I fancy to eat exactly when I'm ready to eat and that's so hard for me because I can't buy stuff in as it will go off. But I am making do with gluten free bread, hummus and fruit but as I'm writing this now I feel I may go off these things pretty soon. -also I could be in the middle of a yummy meal, really enjoying it and then suddenly it loses its taste and I'm like nope don't want it. Lol. I'm so glad Michael is finding the funny side of this otherwise he would be so annoyed! -I still find it funny how people can be shocked that I am not enjoying being pregnant or enjoy having the little one move around 24/7 as it is constant and very very big movements. But that doesn't mean I don't love the little brat already it's just I don't like this process and once she is born, my happiness can start then. -maternity clothes are not nice, flattering or sexy. It makes me feel like I'm wearing a tent! So because of this I haven't brought any and I now have only 4 dresses that are my original dresses that fits me, so I have been recycling them each weekend. If you see me out and about, yes I am probably wearing the same dress you saw me in last weekend. :) -family and friends are trying to guess the baby's name which is funny and nope we haven't told anyone not even our parents. It�??s a surprise for everyone but it�??s nice having a name already as we have been using it around the house. -This past month we have been on a hypnobirthing course and it has done wonders at reducing my fears of the birth and my husbands on what actually is supposed to happen at the birth and we both feel so much more prepared and calm towards it. This is a massive difference for me as it was a fear like someone has a fear over heights or spiders. I have been working on this since I knew I was pregnant with my kinesiology and now with the hypnobirthing. I thoroughly recommend hypnobirthing to all couples who are pregnant as it really does calm you even if you don�??t want to use the techniques. I only have 12 weeks to go till the apparent D day so I wonder what else may come up.

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