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Meet the cover instructors while i am on maternity leave.

Posted on September 7, 2017 at 6:05 AM
Meet the cover instructors
A few people have been asking about my maternity leave so I thought it would be best to explain everything now. I am hoping to stop work at the end of October and let my cover instructors take over from November, then I am hoping to take back my Windmill Hill Community Centre classes from 2nd week in January. I know it may not seem like a long time off especially for those who are parents and know what it is like but we are very lucky we have support from our parents and with this being my business and I???m self-employed I need to start working as soon as I can. Jan and Feb are my busier months for my classes, plus it gets me out the house and helps with my head space as you know how much I love to teach and doing fitness. I know things may change depending on how well everything goes with the birth and the baby but I will be keeping you all informed with everything each month as I will be still sending out newsletters and I am still the person behind the classes so any questions or feedback still contact me.
Regarding the classes when they are being covered, I thought it would be best to stop the block payments that some of you do and just keep the class prices as the stand alone price, £6 for Post Natal Pilates and Fitness and £5 for the evening classes. It makes it easier for the cover instructors to know who has paid and for when I am banking the money. You can still pay online via BACs to my account but just let the instructor know and I will be still the one chasing up if you forget. Please keep in mind that from the end of October Fri 27th you will have to pay as you come and no more block payments till I return mid Jan. Now I would like to introduce the instructors who will be covering my maternity leave and making you work just as hard or more than I do.

Post Natal Pilates and Fitness Cover Instructor: Let me introduce myself, I'm Evelien Volbeda, 28 years old and mom of a gorgeous little 7 month old boy. I've been teaching spinning and circuit classes for the last 2 years and recently qualified as a personal trainer and ante /postnatal instructor.??? Some of you may recognise Evelien from taking part in the post-natal classes with her son. I hope you make Evelien feel welcome and enjoy all that she has to offer you.

Monday Fat Burning HIIT and Tuesday Boxercise Cover Instructor Sadie Cole has many qualifications; Level 2 & 3 Fitness instructing and personal training, Bootcamps & Circuits and Group Indoor Cycling. When asked what she loves about teaching, I love the energy and support for each other that comes from group classes and also a bit of healthy competition for people (even me!) to push themselves that little bit more. I love helping people to understand their bodies better, see what they're capable of and to enjoy the benefits of exercise. and Facebook is
Again some of you may recognise Sadie as she covers my Ashton Park classes which she is covering for me while I???m on maternity leave and she has drop into my HIIT class and will be coming from September onwards till she takes over to get an idea on the members fitness, dislikes and likes and how I tailor the sessions out, so please make Sadie feel welcome and loved.

Friday Fat Burning HIIT Cover Instructor Emma Kneebone is the founder of HiiTtoFiT. With a passion for making exercise accessible and convenient to everyone, Emma set up HiiTtoFiT to enable people to get fit and healthy anywhere, anytime.
Emmas qualifications include being a REPS certified Level 3 Personal Trainer, Pre and Post Natal Instructor and a Nutrition Adviser as well as being certified for Circuit and Kettlebells training.
Friday Fitness Pilates Cover Instructor Bronwen Henley is the owner of Bristol Chiropractic Clinic and is qualified in Level 2 Fitness Instructor, trained in rehabilitation exercise and has taken part in post grad Pilates Training as well as a Masters in Chiropractic. Again you would of seen Bronwen in my Friday classes so make her feel welcome and enjoy her good sense of humour.

So thats all the instructors that will be covering my maternity leave. Any questions or feedback just let me know. I am pretty sure you will enjoy their style of teaching.
A last note, Please please please keep coming to the classes during November and December, as soon as numbers start to drop in classes this may mean I need to cancel that class till I return and I would love to keep as many classes running as I can. I need your support during these months to keep the classes going so I can pay out for the cover instructors and pay out for the hall hire and branding and advertising. Just because I am not there teaching it doesnt mean I am taking it easy, I will be the face behind the business and as soon as I can???t pay my instructors or hall hire I will have to stop that class.

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