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Baby Diaries 2

Posted on February 24, 2018 at 12:20 PM Comments comments (121)
Many of you may have seen on my Facebook page that I asked whether anyone followed a sleeping program for their baby and the reason for this or the reason why they didnt. I started looking at plans not because Mea was a bad sleeper (she was pretty good) but because I wanted to understand more about babies sleep patterns and awake times. You know me I love to research and learn about new things. But I did not want a program that controlled my social life, as I wanted to go out with Mea when I chose too. So I came across a sleep program called Little Ones where it said the program did not involve controlled crying which was what I wanted and seemed to explain the reasons behind the method. (Now I am not dissing anyone who used controlled crying as I know some people it work really well with and some it didnt.)

So I thought I might as well buy it and if I dont use it then maybe I would learn something new about babies sleeping. I am glad I did buy it. It taught me so much about awake times for different age babies and if you go past this then they get over tired which causes difficulty at settling them when you know they want sleep. It also explains about the regressions, growth spurts and the correct amount of day sleeps different ages of babies should be having in order for them to sleep through the night and to help with their development. I found it very interesting as it explained why certain naps were at certain times in the day which would help with hormone balance and allow the baby to go to sleep better because it was at a natural dip in their hormones. I gave it ago, started when Mea was 5 weeks and she is now 13 weeks and she is pretty good at following it, we are able to go out when we like and it has helped Michael and I know what she wants without having to second guess everything we did. Plus they have a support group on Facebook where you can troubleshoot any problems with qualified admins or just talk to other like-minded mums.

I know every baby is different but I really do believe in knowing about what appropriate awake times the babies should be having definitely helps deal with a trouble baby as at least you can narrow down the what ifs as at least you know its not because they are over tired or under tired so must be something else troubling them like reflux or a growth spurt or teething. I would love to know who else did a sleep program and how they found it.

Meet the cover instructors while i am on maternity leave.

Posted on September 7, 2017 at 6:05 AM Comments comments (0)
Meet the cover instructors
A few people have been asking about my maternity leave so I thought it would be best to explain everything now. I am hoping to stop work at the end of October and let my cover instructors take over from November, then I am hoping to take back my Windmill Hill Community Centre classes from 2nd week in January. I know it may not seem like a long time off especially for those who are parents and know what it is like but we are very lucky we have support from our parents and with this being my business and I???m self-employed I need to start working as soon as I can. Jan and Feb are my busier months for my classes, plus it gets me out the house and helps with my head space as you know how much I love to teach and doing fitness. I know things may change depending on how well everything goes with the birth and the baby but I will be keeping you all informed with everything each month as I will be still sending out newsletters and I am still the person behind the classes so any questions or feedback still contact me.
Regarding the classes when they are being covered, I thought it would be best to stop the block payments that some of you do and just keep the class prices as the stand alone price, £6 for Post Natal Pilates and Fitness and £5 for the evening classes. It makes it easier for the cover instructors to know who has paid and for when I am banking the money. You can still pay online via BACs to my account but just let the instructor know and I will be still the one chasing up if you forget. Please keep in mind that from the end of October Fri 27th you will have to pay as you come and no more block payments till I return mid Jan. Now I would like to introduce the instructors who will be covering my maternity leave and making you work just as hard or more than I do.

Post Natal Pilates and Fitness Cover Instructor: Let me introduce myself, I'm Evelien Volbeda, 28 years old and mom of a gorgeous little 7 month old boy. I've been teaching spinning and circuit classes for the last 2 years and recently qualified as a personal trainer and ante /postnatal instructor.??? Some of you may recognise Evelien from taking part in the post-natal classes with her son. I hope you make Evelien feel welcome and enjoy all that she has to offer you.

Monday Fat Burning HIIT and Tuesday Boxercise Cover Instructor Sadie Cole has many qualifications; Level 2 & 3 Fitness instructing and personal training, Bootcamps & Circuits and Group Indoor Cycling. When asked what she loves about teaching, I love the energy and support for each other that comes from group classes and also a bit of healthy competition for people (even me!) to push themselves that little bit more. I love helping people to understand their bodies better, see what they're capable of and to enjoy the benefits of exercise. and Facebook is
Again some of you may recognise Sadie as she covers my Ashton Park classes which she is covering for me while I???m on maternity leave and she has drop into my HIIT class and will be coming from September onwards till she takes over to get an idea on the members fitness, dislikes and likes and how I tailor the sessions out, so please make Sadie feel welcome and loved.

Friday Fat Burning HIIT Cover Instructor Emma Kneebone is the founder of HiiTtoFiT. With a passion for making exercise accessible and convenient to everyone, Emma set up HiiTtoFiT to enable people to get fit and healthy anywhere, anytime.
Emmas qualifications include being a REPS certified Level 3 Personal Trainer, Pre and Post Natal Instructor and a Nutrition Adviser as well as being certified for Circuit and Kettlebells training.
Friday Fitness Pilates Cover Instructor Bronwen Henley is the owner of Bristol Chiropractic Clinic and is qualified in Level 2 Fitness Instructor, trained in rehabilitation exercise and has taken part in post grad Pilates Training as well as a Masters in Chiropractic. Again you would of seen Bronwen in my Friday classes so make her feel welcome and enjoy her good sense of humour.

So thats all the instructors that will be covering my maternity leave. Any questions or feedback just let me know. I am pretty sure you will enjoy their style of teaching.
A last note, Please please please keep coming to the classes during November and December, as soon as numbers start to drop in classes this may mean I need to cancel that class till I return and I would love to keep as many classes running as I can. I need your support during these months to keep the classes going so I can pay out for the cover instructors and pay out for the hall hire and branding and advertising. Just because I am not there teaching it doesnt mean I am taking it easy, I will be the face behind the business and as soon as I can???t pay my instructors or hall hire I will have to stop that class.

Sarahs Pregnancy Diaries 4

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Pregnancy Diaries I am 28 weeks pregnant and now I feel pregnant! So what have I notice the past month? -I am so indecisive in food. I can't prepare anything as if I did prepare a meal in the morning for my evening meal I bet when it comes to it I'll be like nope don't fancy it. So I got to see what I fancy to eat exactly when I'm ready to eat and that's so hard for me because I can't buy stuff in as it will go off. But I am making do with gluten free bread, hummus and fruit but as I'm writing this now I feel I may go off these things pretty soon. -also I could be in the middle of a yummy meal, really enjoying it and then suddenly it loses its taste and I'm like nope don't want it. Lol. I'm so glad Michael is finding the funny side of this otherwise he would be so annoyed! -I still find it funny how people can be shocked that I am not enjoying being pregnant or enjoy having the little one move around 24/7 as it is constant and very very big movements. But that doesn't mean I don't love the little brat already it's just I don't like this process and once she is born, my happiness can start then. -maternity clothes are not nice, flattering or sexy. It makes me feel like I'm wearing a tent! So because of this I haven't brought any and I now have only 4 dresses that are my original dresses that fits me, so I have been recycling them each weekend. If you see me out and about, yes I am probably wearing the same dress you saw me in last weekend. :) -family and friends are trying to guess the baby's name which is funny and nope we haven't told anyone not even our parents. It�??s a surprise for everyone but it�??s nice having a name already as we have been using it around the house. -This past month we have been on a hypnobirthing course and it has done wonders at reducing my fears of the birth and my husbands on what actually is supposed to happen at the birth and we both feel so much more prepared and calm towards it. This is a massive difference for me as it was a fear like someone has a fear over heights or spiders. I have been working on this since I knew I was pregnant with my kinesiology and now with the hypnobirthing. I thoroughly recommend hypnobirthing to all couples who are pregnant as it really does calm you even if you don�??t want to use the techniques. I only have 12 weeks to go till the apparent D day so I wonder what else may come up.

Sarahs Pregnancy Diaries 3

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Sarahs Pregnancy Diaries: I am now 24 weeks, so 6 months! Wow 6 months being pregnant seems like a long time when you think about it but in a way it doesn�??t. I am still managing to do everything as normal, and everyone tells me I am in the �??nice�?? stage of pregnancy as I am not feeling ill or I am not too big. I have been podded, touched and wooed over the most I can ever be, well my stomach has. I do still find it very strange that a bump can have this much effort over people but hay ho! So since I have been pregnant I have noticed there are no good sports bras that can actually stop your boobs from moving around when doing high impact exercise as pregnant ladies can�??t wear underwire bras and all my high impact really good sports bras are. So shock horror yes I have been wearing them but only for like an hour a day whilst doing my jumping around classes. All the non-wire bras are absolutely ugly as sin, so maybe I should look into creating my own brand of non-wired sports bras that are for women who still train very highly during their pregnancy. I still laugh now when I remember going in for a bra fitting when I was 12 weeks pregnant and the shop assistant was like �??oh we don�??t get pregnant ladies looking for high impact sports bra, as soon as they know they are pregnant they just get the normal bras�?�. Oh also, I have started craving anything as some has asked but I�??ve heard that happens again in the later part of the pregnancy. Overall everything is running smoothly I think and I will be starting my hypnobirthing course in a few weeks�?? time which I am really looking forward too.

Sarahs Pregnancy Diaries 2

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Sarahs Pregnancy diaries Well what a month it has been. My morning sickness has now gone yay! But I am suffering with headaches (I think due to all the hormonal imbalances that is occurring in my body) but I take these headaches any day over my sickness. We also found out Tuesday that we are having a girl and I am now starting to feel big in the bump and her moving around, so a lot has happened for me in June. In my diaries I thought I would touch on a few things I have learnt being pregnant that I know not to say or do to other pregnant people: 1. Not stare or touch the bump. As soon as people know I am pregnant they automatically look down at my bump or go to touch it. What is the deal with touching a pregnant ladies stomach? I never got this at all! 2. Yes you may of thought I was pregnant but really do you have to say this, �??oh I thought you were because your face looks a bit bigger�?� or this is a good one �??I thought that because I noticed your hips getting bigger�?� Yeah I know you want to sound like you were right but then to confirm with it a throw away comment can be pretty horrible when a pregnant lady is going through a massive a change or just feeling not well. I found it funny and Michael would always ask what else did people say then. lol 3. Be careful what you say to a pregnant lady. One of my clients who I know read this (I wonder if they will email me back after reading this) and we have a good sense of fun together so I know won�??t mind me writing this said �??you look blooming Sarah�?�. Hahaha I was like first things never say blooming to a pregnant lady especially one taking a class and could throw in burpees and horrible exercises and the word you were probably after was glowing. It did make me laugh and I knew what they meant. So yes I am learning a lot about how my body is coping with the change and how my other pregnant ladies got on in general and with exercise. I hope you find these little diaries funny.

Sarahs Pregnancy Diaries 1

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Sarah�??s Pregnancy diaries Well many of you know now I am pregnant and I am 16 weeks. A few things I�??ve learnt being pregnant. -Thali Café is the best curry place (Curry helped me through my very tough morning sickness) - Asda�??s wotsits are better than the real wotsits I feel (I�??ve had a lot of different wotsits as cheese and crisps are what my baby wants) - I no longer crave sweet food but savoury (now that�??s a biggie as I LOVED my sweet food) - Galaxy Chocolate is the only chocolate I can eat, others taste too bitter AND a bar of galaxy can live in our cupboard for weeks compared to normally lasting 4 hours. - I have tried all sorts of food and NOTHING helps the feeling of sickness - I can�??t do any stomach exercises like I used to as there is now a bump there!!!!! - My chest area (trying to be discreet here for the guys who read this) was very painful but now is ok but now is MASSIVE, which I don�??t like as makes me feel MASSIVE. - Being pregnant means you can get away with anything with the other half, hehehe. So yes I am still feel pretty horrible and yes I know it will ease up and yes I am better than others who were actually sick but because I was eating healthy, felt strong, felt energetic and really good it�??s a massive shock to the system when it all changes and there is nothing you can do but ride it out. Hope you enjoyed the pregnancy diaries.

Diastasis Recti or Seperation of the stomach

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During pregnancy the abdominal muscles go through a massive amount of stretching. The two bands of recti muscles (stomach muscles), which were lying right next to each other, stretch away from the midline to make room for the growing baby. The belly button is the weakest area and tends to be the bigger amount of separation compared to where I test above and below the naval. The size of the separation can vary from a small gap measuring 2-3cm wide and 2-5 cm long to a larger gap of 12-20 cm wide. When I test for this I use my fingers to see how big the gap is and some of you will know I say �??its 2 fingers big�?� meaning I can put two fingers between the two sides of the abdominals. There are a number of factors that may put you at risk at getting Diastasis Recti but nothing is conclusive to pin point why it can happen. Here are a few reasons why: - Lifting children �??increased strain on the weakened abdominal wall will cause the widening of the separation. - greater weight gain - having a stronger and tight abdominal muscles - larger babies - Having a baby at a later age - having a higher pressure in the stomach muscles due to belly breathing - multiple births How long does recovery take? By 8 weights most women will have recovered to about 2 fingers width which is a standard width and the doctor would class this is normal and nothing to worry about. Something it can take up to a 1year or even 2 to close back together especially when the woman isn�??t made aware she has the separation or exercises were not performed the right way to help strengthen and pull back the stomach. But don�??t worry, my post-natal classes are there for you to build back the strength and help you be aware of this and what you can do. Exercise and lifestyle advice Exercises to increase lumbopelvic stability (pelvic tilts) are vital and should not be missed because you find them boring or considered a waste of time. This exercise strengthens the stabilising muscles of the inner unit (core, pelvic floor) to work together as one. Correct upright posture should be encouraged during everyday activities, as this will assist recruitment of the deep stabilising muscles. Being careful how you get up from a lying position, so roll onto one side before sitting up and reverse the process when lying down. Lifting toddlers and heavy shopping, moving furniture should be avoided till you feel strong enough to engage pelvic floor and brace the abs to keep the stomach and back safe and stop the widening of the stomach muscles when put under stress. Sit ups should be avoided at all costs. Not only do they not work the stomach muscles which comes to shock from everyone who think doing sit ups will create the 6 pack look or flatten the stomach but they widen the separation even more when performed with Diastasis Recti. Being careful with exercises, as some may be suitable for others but not for you depending on the gap and previous experience of exercise before. Making sure the stomach isn�??t doming will help you work out what exercises are best suited for you. Improvements may be slow but keep working at it and watching what you are doing and you will get results. Every mum I meet what their stomach flat and go back to the body they once had but your body has gone through so much change, if you are breast feeding your body is still going through changes due to the pregnancy hormonal releases that are still in your body. Diastasis Recti isn�??t something to be scared off, you just need to be aware of what it is, what can be done to help it and what to not do. I am here to help you. I have trained to understand this and know what is needed. Post-natal Pilates is an excellent class to come to, to help you get back your strength, help reduce aches and pains and allow you that time to be made aware of what is going on in your body. I hope this has helped, as I had a few new mums in class who had separation but had no idea what it was. I know it frustrates me that mid ways or doctors are not taught to tell you about this as it can account for back pain, difficulty getting strong with the stomach and problems lifting and moving around.

The importance of Magnesium

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As we age our hormone levels start to decline. In some cases it has been reported that girls in their mid-20 are experiencing a decline in the 3 big sex hormones, Testosterone, Progesterone and Oestrogen. This has a huge impact on health, fatloss, brain function, and mood and can even change your personality. But there are ways you can boost your hormone levels through sleep, stress management, nutrition, fitness, especially weight training and supplementation. Sleep: Maybe you get to sleep OK but at 1 am sees you wide awake running through you're to do list and then struggling to get back to sleep and wake up totally shattered? Or do you struggle getting to sleep with thoughts, situations, and scenarios constantly going through your mind? A supplement I know through kinesiology can be life changing in the sleep department is Magnesium. I find Magnesium comes up a lot when I test it on my clients either because someone is stress (busy lifestyle, feels overwhelmed), constantly thinking of things to (thoughts that circle through the mind nonstop) and feeling constantly achy and slow in the muscles. Magnesium is so underrated. Magnesium is crucial for more than 300 essential chemical reactions in the body. Without magnesium, these vital reactions simply don't take place. Without magnesium, bodily systems malfunction, from bone growth to adrenal health to the ability to fall asleep at night. Magnesium is most importantly, one of the primary nutrients involved in the regulation of cellular stress and activity. And when I say stress here, I do mean stress. Any sort of cellular activity is a stress of sorts, because it upregulates activity and requires energy and resources. Magnesium's role is to open channels on cell membranes. When a muscle fibre, for example, needs to tense up and become active, magnesium will open the membrane and help usher in calcium, which helps make it tense. Then, when the period of stress is over and the muscle can relax, magnesium opens up the cell membrane to usher the calcium out of the cell again. The problem for most people is that they have enough magnesium to usher calcium into the cell, but not enough to usher the calcium out. This leaves them in a chronically up-regulated state, leaving muscles tense, nerves firing, and neurons on high alert. This is why magnesium deficiency is associated with muscle tension, with headaches, with poor adrenal health, and with anxiety and sleep problems. Without magnesium, the body simply cannot calm down. Because it has been so life changing for myself (when I am constantly tense I know I need magnesium) and my clients and I know how confusing it can be knowing what type of supplement to use I thought writing this article will help you understand why we need magnesium (it has comes up recently in a lot of my clients). If you think you need magnesium, or you feel like you are constantly fighting off colds, or you have a rash that can't be explained or a funny tummy then kinesiology can be used to see what is going on with your body which is causing this, either emotional problems (stress) or lacking in certain vitamins or minerals and balance your body. If you are having trouble sleeping and trying to lose weight then maybe booking in a session of kinesiology can help you achieve this. Contact me for more information.

What is kinesiology

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You have all heard me talk about it at some point, or know that I am doing my second level course in it at the moment (hence all the cancelled classes) and some of you have even tried it but I thought it might be useful reading about it from a point of view of someone who had a session with me. I treated Amy (who is owner of Empowered Fitness where I have my PT sessions) a couple of weeks ago and this is what she send out to her clients about what she found out from having kinesiology on her. "I took some time last week with my friend and Kinesiology practitioner Sarah Langford to find out how I really am. Sarah invited me for a Kinesiology session with her and for those who haven't heard of this before, Kinesiology uses muscle testing techniques to gain an insight into the areas of stress and imbalance within the energy systems of your body. Imbalance in energy systems can lead to discomfort, illness, fatigue or an even an inability to lose weight. I was feeling a little tired and run down the day, but thought nothing of it. During my insightful session with Sarah I discovered I was feeling tired because my adrenals were under stress, and the feeling of stress was making me eat more, which was sending my blood sugars out of whack. I also asked Sarah about some bloating and gas I was experiencing and she was able to identify the foods that were causing it. It was a totally fascinating session and the methods she used literally blew me away! I left with some really tailored advice to certain foods which needed removing from my diet for a period of 4 weeks, some supplementation to reduce my stress and fatigue, and the best thing of all is the accountability which it provided me with, as I know Sarah will be checking up on me when I see her. If you're interested in finding more about kinesiology I would highly recommend having a chat with Sarah. She's currently doing a special reduced rate of £25 per session." Get in contact if you want to try it out and see how I can help your body build a better you!

What are the main hormones you should consider for fat loss

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Cortisol Known as a stress hormone and produced by our adrenal glands, which is increased by lack of sleep, over exercising/constantly exercising for long periods. There are more cortisol receptors in your stomach therefore it is a place that will hold body fat if your levels are high. Cortisol weakens your immune system, contributes to infertility, increases blood pressure and reduces bone formation (contributing to osteoporosis) Cortisol are always present in our bodies but it is the sustained high levels that are dangerous and damaging. Some ways that you can reduce your cortisol levels are: - Supplementing with magnesium and omega 3 -Relaxing more often (passive leisure: cinema, listening to music etc.) -Massage therapy -Enjoying yourself (laughter and humour) -Sleeping for 7-9 hours of unbroken time -Reduce the use of electrical equipment in particular computers and mobile phone -Being well organised -Kinesiology sessions to help balance out your systems or hormone levels Insulin Produced in the pancreas and is responsible for controlling and releasing sugar in our liver, muscle and fat cells. When we eat carbohydrates (starch carbs) the sugar content is absorbed into our blood stream and elevates our blood sugar levels. Sustained high levels of insulin cause us to become insulin resistant. This means our bodies become less sensitive to insulin, our immune systems are low, and we become pre-diabetic and our body fat increases. The opposite of this is insulin sensitive. Ways to reduce your insulin level: -Eating good fats such as meat -Supplement with omega 3 -Eating fish (high in omega 3) -Reduce starch carbohydrates -Eat low glycemic responding carbohydrates such as green vegetables -Improve your fibre intake from green vegetables -Reduce fructose intake (fruits) -Reduce alcohol intake (sugar) -Increase your antioxidant levels (Green tea is a good source) -Exercise regularly for short periods (Also reduces prolonged cortisol build up) -Increasing your muscle size allows for more insulin to be used. Muscle acts as storage pods for insulin. Having more storage available will improve your insulin sensitivity. Having low muscle mass would not be considered effective for fat loss. Consider your muscles as car parking bays. The sugars are the cars. When the car parks are full there is nowhere else to park. The sugar now has to find somewhere else to park (store as fat). By exercising using weight training and more conditioning based exercise you are creating more parking spaces (because the muscles are getting bigger) so you will be able to tolerate more sugar