Sarah LangfordFitness

Sarah Langford Fitness


Class Times and Dates

Mon- Post Natal Fitness Pilates = 10:30-11:30am Windmill Hill Community Centre

Mon-30 Minute Fat Burning HITT=6:15-6:45pm Windmill Hill Community Centre

Tues-Fitness Pilates=6:00-6:45pm Windmill Hill Community Centre 

Tues-Boxercise=7:00-7:45pm Windmill Hill Community Centre

Wed-Post Natal Fitness=10:30-11:30am Windmill Hill Community Centre

Fri-30 Minute Fat Burning HIIT=6:15-6:45pm Windmill Hill Community Centre

Fri - Fitness Pilates = 7:00-7:55pm Windmill Hill Community Centre

To see more classes I teach at gyms/schools look on the calendar.

Class Descriptions

Fitness Pilates = an exercise system that targets deep postural muscles, re-balancing the body and improving strength and flexibility. Various equipment is used to keep the class fresh and engaging. Suitable for all levels and no previous experience needed.

Boxercise = Boxercise, the best stress buster around, is one of the most effective forms of cross training available today. Mix pad work with HIIT style workout to work all the muscles. Be prepared to punch all your stress away. Suitable for all levels, abilities and genders.

Post Natal Fitness = Combination of circuits, interval training and Pilates to get your body stronger, fitter and toned specifically designed for Post Natal women (no sit up work, regaining posture, improving upper body, bum and Pelvic Floor strength) (babies can be brought with you)

Post Natal Fitness Pilates = Specially designed Pilates to regain posture from pregnancy body, improve Pelvic Floor, strengthen the stomach from being stretched during pregnancy and improve overall muscle tone and strength. As well as relaxing and making new friends for the baby and for yourself.(babies can be brought with you)

Fat Burning HIIT = Benefits include; Time efficient workout in minimum time, Fast results in an action packed class, Help body become efficient in burning fat, Different exercises each week to optimise muscle and fitness building (needed for fat loss), Update your knowledge on the best training to improve fitness and fat burning potential. Incorporates quick intense workout using body weight and weights for overall body workout and to kick start the body to burn fat instead of storing fat.


Fitness Pilates = £6 pay as you go

Boxercise = £5 pay as you go

Post Natal Pilates and Post Natal Fitness = £9 pay as you go

30 Minute Fat Burning HITT = £5 pay as you go

Special Package: 

- 1 class per week for 4 weeks = £16 (£4 per session, saving £4) For Boxercise and HIIT

-1 class per week for 4 weeks = £20 (£5 per session, saving £4) For Fitness Pilates

- 1 class per week for 4 weeks = £28 (£7 per session saving £8) For both Post Natal Classes

Remember you can mix and match the classes to suit your lifestyle.

*4 weeks must be consecutive for the rates to apply*