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Post Natal Classes

Post Natal classes are now back at Windmill Hill Community Centre, spaces are limited and the classes are covid safety.

Are you a new mum?

Want a mother and baby exercise class that will help you get back into shape?

Want to meet other new mums in the area?

Then, these Classes are just for you. Classes can be joined from 6weeks after a vagina birth or 12 weeks after a c section, and as long as you had the go ahead from your doctor/midwife. They are suitable for all levels of fitness, so don't worry if you haven't participated in regular exercise for a while.

Coming along to a specialised postnatal fitness class, you'll be rest assured that your exercise session is both safe and effective for you and your baby (and really good fun too!).

Sarah Langford, a qualified Pre and Postnatal Personal Trainer/Pilates Instructor run these classes.  Sessions include a basic aerobics routine, and HIIT program, followed by toning/Pilates exercises to target the major muscles which change during pregnancy, and a cool-down to stretch at the end for you to relax and release tension.

Sarah's aim for these classes are to make postnatal exercise accessible, fun, practical and social and knowledgable.  

If you have any existing injuries e.g. back, wrist or knee problems etc, Sarah can certainly help by offering you alternative exercises to ensure your workout stays safe and effective.

What is offered in the term block:

-Free childminder to keep an extra pair of eyes on your little one for you so you can keep exercising

-A free support group on a private FB group; offering live exercises, articles and my help 24/7 as well as talking to other mums.

-A continuous support at getting your abdominal separation more functional

-A results based class allowing you to reach your fitness goals

Why not get your antenatal group, NCT group, or friends to come along to meet up and work out together?  You can then all motivate each other to come along and exercise regularly.


Monday Post Natal Fitness Pilates held at Windmill Hill Community Centre 10:30-11:30am 

Wednesday Post Natal Fitness at Windmill Hill Community Centre 10:30-11:30am


£8 pay as you go or £28 for block of 4 (classes cant be carried over if you miss one from your block, you have 4 weeks to use it up)

To book your place now, please email


What is Post Natal Classes?

It's a group exercise class for new mums. You can bring your baby and buggy along or your baby in a car seat. The workout has been designed to be fun for you and your baby in the aerobics, toning and stretching elements for you to shape up!

I have recently had a baby, when can I start exercising?

Natural births: wait 6 weeks
C-Sections: wait 8-12 weeks

Your midwife/health visitor should give you the go ahead for this. It really is advisable to wait until your 6 or 10-week 'rec-check' from your health visitor before you start exercise again. This is mainly to ensure that your stomach muscles have repaired properly, particularly after a C-section, if it hasn't Sarah Langford offer plenty of alternative exercises so as to avoid discomfort and injury, so don't worry.

What do the classes involve?

The classes start with a warm up and then progress on to an aerobics-style workout or HIIT style workout where babies stay in their buggies or car seat. All the movements will be easy to follow and predominately low impact. If it's been 5-6 months since the birth of your baby, Sarah may provide you with higher-impact options to follow to increase your heart rate. Sarah will explain the reason for this during the workout. After the main workout, we'll do some toning/Pilates exercises targeting the muscles which change during pregnancy eg stomach, bum, chest and back. After that, we'll do a quick cool down followed by a relaxing stretch.

What do the babies do while the mums exercise?

The older babies seem to find it funny watching carefully as their mum works out. The younger ones may find the movement makes them sleepy and drop off while you work out. During the floor exercises and stretches, your baby can stay in their car seat or buggy, or you could pop them in the travel cot if you think they would like a little play/kick about. 

What should I wear?

A good support/sports bra, trainers and comfortable clothes. Don't feel you have to go out and buy a new pair of trainers/clothes for the workout, as long as you're comfortable and the trainers and bra give you the support you need, they should be fine.

What should I bring?

Bring a mat or long to lie on for the floor exercises. Wear trainers and sports clothes and bring along a bottle of water for you to drink during the class. Bring something for your baby to drink/eat so they can feed afterwards.

Are the classes taught by a qualified instructor?

Yes, Sarah holds the Level 3 Fitness Pilates and Pre/Postnatal Instructor Certificate She also has further Level 2 qualifications in Exercise to Music/Aerobics, Boxercise and Freestyle Fitness Yoga. Sarah is fully insured.

What do I do if my baby cries?

All babies cry and everybody is in the same boat! Don't worry, there are plenty of opportunities for you to take your baby out of their buggy for a cuddle and/or a feed if you feel that is what is needed, but you must stop exercising yourself. You know your baby best, so even if you have to stop exercising for a while to settle them, feed or change them, that's absolutely fine. 

Is there an upper age limit for babies?

Currently, there is no upper age limit for babies attending classes. You will be the best judge of this. If you baby is still happy to stay in their buggy, they will certainly enjoy the class.

There aren't any classes in my area, what should I do?